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Success Stories

This is a selection of success stories which members have chosen to share. We will be delighted to hear from you if brought you together with someone special. This would be a great way to encourage others to continue looking for their other half online. If it worked for you it can also work for them!

October 18, 12

We were connected by being straight, honest and we were trusting each other, through the chat room. We just liked each other's profiles and we took it from here to the real life. We have been seeing each other for a month now and hopefully for a long, long time more.

October 2, 12

I joined Black Match about 4 months ago and met HIM within 2 days of joining. We have talked every night since.... Not in a million years did I think I would meet someone here and fall deeply in love but we have and it is wonderful....
Thankyou so much Black Match

October 1, 12

U see i met this man on the site ... he has taken my breath away and I am happily starting a new adventure wit him. To you MY LOVE - ur my heart and soul my baby my man love you xxxxxxx

October 1, 12

I met my man on here and we've just got engaged. He is the most loving and caring man I've ever met and I am so happy!!! So thank you BM for everything. I only came on here for a laugh, never thought in a million years that I would fall in love again.

September 30, 12

I met my match on BlackMatch after 3 days on the site,back in October, after a month of chatting and flirting he took a 4hr train journey down to see me, 1 thing led to another, and he never went home lol! We have now been together for 4 and a half months, and he's my world, smart, funny, sensitive, and we have just spent a wonderful Christmas together. Thanks!!!

September 30, 12

I met her for a drink and then we went for a quiet stroll through the park. The next day we went for a picnic where I asked her to marry me!!! The wedding is september the 17th and you are all invited!!! :) xxxxxxxxx

September 30, 12

We met a day after I joined, got chatting and soon I realized we're a perfect match for each other. On our first date he made me laugh more than anyone has ever managed to and gave me what can only be described as an incredible few hours of passion. Thank you BlackMatch ;)

September 1, 12

Hi there! I have met the most wonderful, beautiful and happy lady than anyone could imagine.
I emailed her before Christmas, we met for a meal and we have been together constantly since then. We are going on holiday together in a few weeks and both of us are very happy to have met each other.
Thanks BlackMatch!!!

August 31, 12

I found someone close to me on here. We just started flirting by the messages , then finally we met up. First night we just talked about things in general, about life etc., and on the second date we just took from there. Two months down the line we are still going strong.
Thank you

June 18, 12

I met Paul on Blackmatch about 3 weeks ago. We have lots in common with each other and will be meeting up soon .. Can't wait to start my new life with Paul and our kids..
Good luck everyone keep searching and you will find that special one in your life.

May 31, 12

I met my match about 3 weeks ago... We have just clicked
We were both pessimistic about online dating... but now.... we can't believe that we are totally smitten with each other... it was love at first sight

May 31, 12

Not sure really what to say, I wasn't looking to find Mr Right or even get into a serious relationship really. I was just looking to have a bit of no strings attached fun.

Hey but I'm not complaining, lol, far from it - I'm really happy and think I've been really lucky finding him.

I know I haven't been on the site that long, but its been fun - thanks

May 31, 12

Thank you for your services, but I have found the greatest guy ever, and I really think we are on our way to find real happiness. Since we met, I can't think of anything else but him. "You make me smile every second of every hour of every day. I can't believe how quickly I have found someone who has touched me heart in so many ways. You have made me smile, when I thought I could not anymore. You bring joy into every moment I spend with you. You are truly my angel when I need it the most. You are becoming my best friend. I appreciate you in every way humanly possible. Thank You SO......." I am falling in love with you Lonnie!

April 30, 12

I met my match about 3 weeks ago... We have just clicked
We were both pessimistic about online dating... but now.... we can't believe that we are totally smitten with each other... it was love at first sight

April 30, 12

I have found my soul mate. I had been on my own for five years, happy but not satisfied.
Then I met Rob. He is 7 years younger than me but he is perfect. I had a dozen red roses from him after the first time we met.
He makes my life feel complete now, and my daughter thinks he is great too. There is someone out there for us all, and I feel like it is my turn for happiness at last.
Thank you BlackMatch, for everything. xxx

April 30, 12

We 'met' on BlackMatch. Chatted online for a few days. Then, we decided to meet. It was a fabulous date I didn't want to ever end. After trying another dating site for 4 months, getting burned, and giving up on love, I tried Be naughty, just to flirt and meet people for casual fun with no expectations. And I surely wasn't expecting to find anyone really special. Surprisingly enough, he was amazingly special, and, who knows where it might go? Who knows if it might ever turn into love or anything long lasting? But, I plan to find out where it might go.

March 31, 12

I really wanted to tell people about meeting the most wonderful man on this site.
I wasn't sure about any of this online dating stuff much less being on a site like this.
I have only been on here for a very short time and now i am in a wonderful relationship with someone who i think is my perfect match. Even my friends say we were made for each other.
I want to say thank you to BN for being here for me to meet my man. I am happier than i have ever been, and so is he.
Never in my life did I think this would happen. Never even planned on meeting anyone in real life off this site boy am i glad i did!!!!

March 1, 12

It was love at the first sight and I never ever believed in that!!! She is called Sandra and I love her so much!!! I just want to say THANKS to BlackMatch for this, would not have happened without your thank you very much

February 1, 12

There's not much to say really, you could say it was love at first site or in this case love at first click :) After talking with my new Love of my life for the first couple of hours, I knew in my heart that she was the one. The second time we spoke we both had fallen in love with one another. She is my soulmate, my heart. I love her till the end of time and beyond. All I know is if we both weren't in this site. We never would have found each other. So good luck to those who are still looking, and good on you to those that are here for fun. Either way, embrace life and always Be Happy!

February 1, 12

Nick and I met on this site about a year ago. Just expecting fun and friendship we found that plus each other. A year on and we are still together, having survived 2 holidays. We live about 50 miles apart, so would never have met unles we had both joined this site.
Thank you.

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